Announcing the Agatha Christie Blogathon!


Come and join us!

Christina Wehner

AgathaChristieLittle Bits of Classics and I are thrilled and excited to announce the Agatha Christie Blogathon – The Queen of Crime!


September 16th-18th


The inspiration for this blogathon is Domi’s of Little Bits of Classics. It is in honor of Agatha Christie’s 126th birthday on the 15th of September.


All things Agatha Christie are welcome! Anything and everything – her life, her writing style, her characters, her books, the movie adaptations of her books, tributes, retrospections – the more the better! We want to honor everything about the great lady.

The only rule we have is that we are Not Allowing Duplicates on individual Books, Plays or Movies because there are so many we hope to see covered. However, there is no limit on how many posts can be written about Agatha Christie, her life or her characters. And if you want to compare a…

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5 Things That Make a Screwball Divorce Suit – The Awful Truth (1937)


Screwball comedies are often described as “comedies of remarriage”, as it was a recurring topic in the heyday of the genre. The Awful Truth also revolves around a couple (played by Cary Grant and Irene Dunne) who are on their way to fall in love again. However, first you have to divorce your partner before you can remarry them. This movie presents a rare example of a screwball divorce suit and proves that there’re certain things which can turn even the courtroom’s peace into chaos. Here they are!

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