My very first Liebster Award has arrived!


Thanks to the nomination by The Flapper Dame, I’ve recieved my very first Liebster Award. You’re probably familiar with what this means – I’m about to answer some exciting or astonishing questions. Thanks for the opportunity!


1- Who is your favorite director?

The only possible answer to this question is Charlie Chaplin! I adore his versatility both as an actor and director!

2- What actor/ actress or  film is the biggest Oscar snub?

I have to mention Chaplin again – I think he should have recieved at least one Oscar for The Great Dictator!

3- Favorite “blonde” actress?

I’d go for Grace Kelly. What I like about her is that she seems to have been a very clever and dignified person, quite in contrast with what blondes are usually considered.

4- Which actor/ actress do you consider over-rated?

Sorry about that, fans, but I’ve never appreciated Humphrey Bogart. It might be partially because of the awfully strange form of his head, but he’s never convinced me about his acting abilities.

5- What movie do you hate that everyone loves? (if any)

I’m so very sorry to say this, but Casablanca was a major disappointment for me. I couldn’t quite understand when I first viewed it why it’s such an internationally renowned movie!

6- Which classic film star would you marry- if given the chance?

That’s not so easy! I think I would marry Judy Garland and persuade her not to attempt suicide.

7- What time period would you travel back to, given the chance?

I would visit the late 1800s, as it must have been a period when everything changed as quickly as nowadays, but some basic principles were still generally respected. I’ve always thought of that period as a great time in history!

8- Who was your first on- screen crush?

Lindsay Lohan – back in both her and my youthful days.

9- What is your favorite TV show?

BBC’s “Lark Rise to Candleford” at this very moment, but it changes quite often.

10- What fictional character would you like to spend a day with?

I’d be simply taken aback if I had the chance to meet Poirot and assist him at a murder case!

11- In a world full of “crass” how do you strive to be “class”?

I try to pay attention to other people as much as I can. Some kindness and attention can turn lots of things in this world from crass to class.

As it’s me who’s new here, I decided to tag a couple of bloggers (less than 11) who I don’t know too much about, but would love to meet them! Here they are:

The Wonderful World of Cinema

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I hope you’ll have time to join the game! These are the questions you’ll have to answer.

1., How much time do you spend a week with writing blog posts?

2., Do you prefer watching movies in company or alone?

3., What do you think is the worst performance of your favourite actor?

4., Are there any actors whose apperance irritates you?

5., Is there anything you’d like to change about your blog in the near future?

6., Do you usually go to the cinema?

7., What is your favourite silent movie?

8., Who is your favourite actor who was born outside America?

9., Do you usually watch foreign language movies?

10., What was your favourite movie as a child?

11., How many Liebster Awards have you had before?


11 thoughts on “My very first Liebster Award has arrived!

  1. The Flapper Dame

    Loved reading your responses! And hey- no need to apologize why you don’t like Bogart- its your opinion. I myself am not a fan of Joan Crawford!


    • Yes, it surely is 🙂 Thanks for your congratulations, have fun answering my questions! I’ll think about your blogathon and let you know if I want to participate. I’m still not sure whether I’ll be at home, though…


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