Paulette Goddard & Charlie Chaplin


It would take long pages to list all the women Charlie Chaplin was on intimate terms with, most of them being young, naïve teenagers who were absolutely taken aback by the fact that a movie star has fallen for them. Paulette Goddard started out that way, but in the end, after a relationship lasting for almost ten years, it turned out she wasn’t anything like it. What made Paulette stand out? Why was their marriage so different from all the others in Chaplin’s life? For goodness’ sake, we don’t even know if they were married or not!

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Agatha Christie’s The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side – 1980 & 2010


It’s a fact that if you read one Agatha Christie novel or short story a week, it would take you almost two years to finish. By that time you could start it all over again because you’ve forgotten all you’d read! I’m pretty sure, though, that it would take even more time to watch every movie adaptation of Christie’s works! What’s so good about Agatha Christie that filmmakers can’t stop shooting newer and newer adaptations? And what’re the differences between the novel “The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side” and its two adaptations I’ve watched? That’s what I’m going to search answers for! Continue reading

Charlie Chaplin’s Strange Oscar Wins & Snubs


Believe it or not, Charlie Chaplin received only three Academy Awards during his lifetime. Two of these were Honorary Awards, the only competitive one being an Oscar for Best Score, which he recieved for a film that was released 20 years before the presentation took place. How could it possibly happen that the story of Chaplin’s Oscars is so muddled? And what were his most famous snubs? All of this will be cleared up in the following paragraphs. Continue reading